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Non-State Actors Communiqué on Livestock Sector Development in Tanzania

Submitted by Web Master on 21 March 2017

In this communiqué, the undersigned Non-State Actors (civil society, pastoralist, research, private, farmers’ unions and other stakeholders) champion a call to action and outline recommendations on livestock policy advocacy strategies that take into consideration the unique conditions and opportunities of the livestock sector development in Tanzania. To read more click here.

Policy Forum's Breakfast Debate: Empowering Women in Extractive Industries: Bridging the Gender Gap for Sustainable Development

Submitted by Web Master on 19 February 2024

Dear Stakeholder,

You are cordially invited to the 8:00 Breakfast Debate on Friday 23 February 2024, on "Empowering Women in Extractive Industries: Bridging the Gender Gap for Sustainable Development"

The presentation will be provided by  Eng. Theostina Mwasha , Executive Secretary at FADev

The venue will be at BRITISH COUNCIL AUDITORIUM, Dar es Salaam from 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM EAT.

For more information, click on flyer

The Pastoralists Indigenous Non Governmental Organization's Forum (PINGO's Forum)

Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

The Pastoralists Indigenous Non Governmental Organization's Forum (PINGO's Forum) is an advocacy coalition of indigenous peoples' organizations who are currently 53, working in Tanzania for the rights of the marginalized indigenous pastoralists and Hunter-gatherers communities. It was established in 1994 by six pastoralists and hunter gatherers organizations in their struggle for land right and development agenda.


a. The rights of pastoralists and hunter-gatherers as reflected in governance principles, policies, laws and strategies.

The Tanzania Pastoralists, Hunters and Gatherers Organization (TAPHGO)

Submitted by Web Master on 12 March 2021

Tanzania pastoralists and hunter-gatherers is a non-profit making, non political, voluntary, autonomous and independent non-governmental organisation. It gained registration in 2002 and was formulated by 53 NGOs that are working towards improvement of social economic wellbeing of pastoralists and hunter-gatherers in Tanzania.


Tanzanians more cynical about economic growth

Submitted by Web Master on 11 March 2015

There is now more negative public perception of Tanzania’s economic condition than a decade ago, a forum in Dar es Salaam was told today.

According to the Afrobarometer, an African-led, non-partisan research network that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance and economic conditions on over 30 African countries, people in Tanzania are dissatisfied with the current economic condition of their country despite the average economic growth rate of above 6% that Tanzania has enjoyed throughout the last decade.

Policy Forum at the 2013 the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings

Submitted by Web Master on 25 April 2013

Policy Forum was invited to attend the 2013 the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington DC that brought together thousands of government officials, journalists, civil society organizations, academics and private sector representatives. The meetings are held annually to discuss progress on the work of the World Bank and the IMF and include a series of seminars, regional briefings, press conferences, and many other events focused on the global economy, international development, and the world’s financial markets.

Banking On Change:Towards An Economic System That Works For People And The Planet

Submitted by Web Master on 25 November 2008

On November 15, the leaders of 20 nations and the major multilateral financial institutions will gather behind closed doors in Washington to discuss the future of the global economy. Led by outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush, this group includes many of the people, governments, and institutions whose policies are responsible for the current financial meltdown. As such, we believe they are the wrong group to be charged with reworking global economic rules and institutions.

Tanzania Forest Working Group Launches Mama Misitu

Submitted by Web Master on 10 April 2008

Seventeen non-governmental organisations today signed a milestone agreement to launch the Mama Misitu campaign, aimed at tackling corruption and mismanagement in Tanzania’s forestry sector.

Professor Wangari Maathai, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace, formally launched the campaign in Dar es Salaam.

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