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Submitted by Web Master on 17 August 2023

We are an NGO established purposely with the aim of perpetuating development. The Sustainable Hub for Policy Initiatives (SHPI) believes that Good governance is a vital component for acquiring sustainable development which leads to poverty alleviation.

The Sustainable Hub for Policy Initiates (SHPI) is committed to achieving Sustainable development goals, Nation's long-term vision, strategies, and National policy therefore the organization has defined good governance as a guiding objective.


Strengthening Community capacity on policies and participation in development activities

Every society, every community, every group, and every person has skills, strengths and the capacity to problem solve, act creatively, and work together for the benefit of their group.

Community capacity is defined as the interaction of human capital, organizational resources, and social capital existing within a given community that can be leveraged to solve collective problems to improve or maintain the well-being of a given community. It may operate through informal social processes and/or organized effort.

To raise awareness and build the capacity of communities to realize their basic human rights

By its nature, SHPI programs and services are wider in scope to benefit the general public including the right holders, duty bearers, vulnerable groups, victims of human rights violations, lawmakers, civil society organizations, and the general public. Through direct program interventions such as paralegal training, Village legal Workers Training, and Human Rights monitors.

SHPI has a good link with communities at the grassroots level which ensures that its work has an impact at the national level and community levels.



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