Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Policy Forum (PF) is a network of 74 Tanzanian civil society organisations established in 2003 and drawn together by their specific interest in augmenting the voice of ordinary citizens to influence policy processes that help in poverty reduction, equity and democratization with a specific focus on public money accountability at both central and local levels.

The overall goal is to contribute to the evolution of democratic governance in Tanzania through enhanced capacity of various actors involved with holding their government to account. Policy Forum will work together to influence policy processes that improve the lives of all Tanzanians through enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources and effective protection for human rights. The highest decision-making body is the General Assembly made up of all voting members of the network. Activities are overseen by a Board of Directors, elected by Policy Forum members to serve for a 2-year term of office and mandated to lead on the implementation of activities. The Board members manages a lean secretariat with 11 employees set up to coordinate, facilitate, monitor and report on the activities of the network.

PF operates with two working groups: The Budget Working Group (BWG) and the Local Governance Working Group (LGWG) that bring together members to influence national level budget processes and open participatory spaces at the local level respectively. The network also co-convenes other external working groups that the Extractives Industries Working Group (now Hakirasilimali) and the Tanzania Tax Justice Coalition (TTJC).

Policy Forum envisions improved quality of life for the Tanzanian people.


To influence and monitor the implementation of policies for enhanced governance and accountable use of public resources.


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