Tax Stakeholders to Participate in the Upcoming Proceedings of the Task Force on Tax Reform in Preparation for Budget 2021/22


Tanzania tax justice stakeholders from Policy Forum are currently writing a submission of tax reform in preparation for budget 2021/22. The proceedings of the task force on tax reform are scheduled to get underway in February 2021.

The government though the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP) plans to provide a structured forum for discussion of various issues relating to tax policy and administration. This exercise has previously constituted a crucial input to policy makers. It has helped to shape the country’s tax regime and through dialogue and analysis, facilitated an effective transparent and efficient resolution of several issues.

To seamlessly coordinate an impactful submission, the government will take lead by giving an update of the policy objectives, agenda and challenges as well as an assessment of tax policy priorities for budget 2021/22. This will provide participants with a broad context for this year’s proceedings and motivate analysis and discussion on impacts of various proposals in depth.

The fiscal policy measures aim at improving business environment to attract investments and facilitating growth of small and medium business for sustainable economic growth; enhancing voluntary tax compliance; broadening the tax base; mainstreaming the use of ICT system in tax administration; strengthening enforcement of tax laws to address tax evasion challenges and minimize revenue leakages; and streamlining levies and fees to improve business and investment environment.

The Policy Forum’s submission are meant to propose changes in tax or non-tax revenue, including analysis of sectors, regions or types of taxpayers that would be affected, the projected impact on the economy and government revenues in the year of implementation and outer years, the rationale and justification for the proposed revenue policy changes and in particular analysis of the means by which the proposal will help the government achieve its overarching economic, fiscal and poverty reduction objectives.

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