Social Accountability Monitoring Workshop In Mwanza



In collaboration with Mwanza Policy Initiative (MPI), Policy Forum is this week organising a social accountability monitoring workshop in Mwanza for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The workshop, which runs from the 28th to 1st of July, is part of Policy Forum's objective of enhancing the capability of CSOs to understand, monitor and effectively engage with and influence national and local policy processes.

MPI was selected by PF members to be one of the partner networks that will work with PF as part of implementing the Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) action plan. This workshop follows a previous training session which PF organised for CSOs in Kibaha District (21st to 24th of July) as part of implementing the Kibaha Accountabiity Pilot Project, a programme that is being overseen by the network's Local Government Working Group in collaboration with the Budget Working Group.

It is hoped that these workshops will help the beneficiary networks and their constituent CSOs to improve in their policy analysis and advocacy. The Mwanza SAM workshop will be followed by the PF Secretariat visiting MPI's member organisations to gain an understanding of their activities and hear first-hand the challenges they face in day-to-day advocacy work.     

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