Prioritising Competing M&E Needs and Demands in an Adaptive Programme: 7 Takeaways


I4ID has completed a programme on using an “iterative programming and adaptive management approach “. The programme worked through problems that connected with and mobilised the interest and capabilities of relevant stakeholders in Tanzania to develop feasible solutions, that are scalable and replicable and deliver inclusive development outcomes. The programme aims were to explore new ways of tackling societal wicked development problems in selected areas, such as solid waste management in an urban setting, inclusive education, inclusive investment facilitation approached, menstrual health management, women urban vendors and urban spatial development.

Implemented in an agile manner, the programme used flexible monitoring and learning approaches and tools to track progress to understand how and why change has (or has not) emerged. As the programme, comes to a close, it summarises the experiences on lessons learned about M&E in an adaptive programme. Presented in a blog format, 7 takeaways are outlined with the aim of provoking further dialogue and critical input from fellow development practitioners across the globe. More (PDF)

(Gloria Sikustahili, Julie Adkins, Japhet Makongo & Simon Milligan)

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