Policy Forum Breakfast Debate on the Tanzania Governance Review 2012: Transparency with Impunity?


Policy Forum regularly produces an informative review that constitutes a major source on trends in governance in Tanzania for the public, CSOs and stakeholders in government, donor agencies and the academic and research community. The aim of this publication is to raise PF’s profile as a coordinator of civil society efforts to improve governance in Tanzania through networking and information sharing.

Policy Forum decided to produce its 4th Tanzania Governance Review titled “Tanzania Governance Review 2012: Transparency with Impunity?” to show how public money is being spent and to contribute to the debate on promoting transparency in the country.

This Review was launched during the Policy Forum breakfast debate that took place on the 29th November 2013 at the British Council Auditorium.

The main presenter of the event was Dr. Brian Cooksey, an Independent Research Professional who is the main author.

Précising on the review, Dr. Cooksey praised the degree of transparency for the year 2012 which he said had increased as compared to the previous years. He lauded the National Audit Office of Tanzania (NAOT) for producing CAG reports on time. He bemoaned, however, the impunity that had risen to a level whereby public officials were not being brought to account for the misuse and abuse of public money.

The discussant was Prof. Ibrahim H. Lipumba, Chairperson of Civic United Front (CUF). He commended the publication as a comprehensive discussion of many governance issues facing Tanzania including the way public money is raised and spent and the challenges in the health, water and sanitation sectors. He agreed that impunity is still a big issue in Tanzania but said there was an opportunity for accountability to be enhanced through the process of formulating the new constitution.

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