Policy Forum Breakfast Debate on Land and Forest Related Conflicts in Tanzania: Is it a governance issue?


The government of Tanzania has been asked to make critical choices in support of pastoralism, a breakfast forum was recently told. The main presenter, Mr. Alais Morindat of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), said at the Policy Forum breakfast debate that took place on the 31st January 2014 that some of the causes of pastoralists’ conflicts in Tanzania arose as a result of policy makers perceiving pastoralism as archaic, economically inefficient and environmentally destructive form of land use.

“Pastoralists are viewed as backward, resistant to change and inherently violent, willfully refusing the benefits of modernization. Pastoralism contributes significantly to other sectors such as tourism whereby $85 million comes in through Tanzania’s northern circuit each year,” he said.

He mentioned some of the reasons why governments overlook the contribution of pastoralism citing poor understanding of pastoralism and pastoralists lacking the capacity to argue their case.

Mr. Steven Mariki, National Coordinator of Climate Change Adaptation Project at UNDP-Vice President's Office mentioned the challenges for mitigating land and forest-related investments, listing among others, expansion of agriculture resulting in shifting cultivation and low compensations for land acquired from communities.

“There is a need to develop land policies, structures and systems charged with land and forest management and legal frameworks,” he advised.

For the presentations, click here http://www.policyforum-tz.org/breakfast-debate-land-investments-presentations-0

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