(LGWG) Background

The Local Governance Working Group, using participatory process involving its members and consultations with key informants, envisions achieving the following aims and objectives:

a. Promotion of good local governance:This involves supporting Local Governance Authorities through influencing policies and policy processes which will in turn help them in their quest to become more autonomous, participatory and democratic, transparent and accountable so that they are more responsive to the needs and concerns of marginalised groups at local level.

b. Increased knowledge of LG issues:This includes increasing awareness amongst LGWG members, PF members and CSOs at large. Capacity-building within the PF membership will be an integral part of this and will be achieved through mentoring and lesson-sharing, identification of emerging LG policy issues and production of policy briefs, and their dissemination. Also, this entails theeffective use of Working Group Monthly Meetingsand resourceful use of emails to exchange relevant information.

c. Stronger ties with Parliament and PMO RALG: This involves holding regular consultative meetings with Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office – Regional Authorities and Local Governments, and contributing to the Local Government Reform Programme’s processes.

d.Public Expenditure Tracking: As part of enabling citizens to monitor and have a say in the flow public funds from central government through to Local Government Authorities to the service user, the LGWG will examine how money is acquired and used and subsequently disseminate that information to various stakeholders.

e. Increased citizen’s voice:This entails the strengthening of citizens’ influence over how their affairs are administered at Local Government level. Here, public access to information is a key element as it enables those marginalised groups to make informed decisions and ask relevant questions regarding issues that concern them. The other important element is the support of district level CSOs and CBOs as part of enabling them in their advocacy work with regards to promoting accountability and good governance.

f. Utilisation of networking opportunities:Should there be an event that is organised by external organs and LGWG members are invited, the opportunity should be seized to enhance the group’s agenda externally as part of consulting with key informants. The invited LGWG members can then inform the rest of the prospects and positives that were gained from participation in the event with regards to LG issues.

g. Other activities initiated by LGWG members: As a member-led group of the PF network, the LGWG will adopt any LG-related activity as suggested and agreed by its members especially those that touch on the three main focal areas related to Governance and Accountability namely Local Governance, Public Money and Active Citizen Voice.

                         h.    Collaboration with Budget Working Group: Since the BWG has  had several  successes in its activities, the LGWG sees an opportunity in terms of learning from the former and cooperating in areas of common interest.


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