Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any general questions about content on the Policy Forum website or how to use the portal? Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions from our users:

1. How do I log on the website as a user?

To log on, you have to first be registered as a user of this website. In many cases, the PF site administrator adds users and sends them a user name and password that they can use to log on. Otherwise, look for a small form called “User login” on the main page of this site (on the right of the page). Click the link that says "Create new account".

To register, enter a user name of your choice and an email address to which you have access and hit "submit". Then check your email account. Within a few minutes, you should get an automatically-generated email confirming your registration and giving you an initial password to use. Now you're ready to log in.

2. How do I change my password?

You can change your account settings by loggin on the website and then clicking on my account in the navigation block (that's the one titled with your user name). Click on the edit tab. You will then see two password fields. Enter in a new password in both fields to set it. It is recommended that you change your password to something you can easily remember.

3. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Click the "sign in" link from the home page. Then select the "request new password" tag on the log in page. On the "request new password" page, enter the e-mail address you provided during the registration process and click on the "e-mail new password" button. An e-mail containing your username and password will be sent to the provided e-mail address.

4. How do I search for content on the PF website?

You will see a box for entering your search terms and a button labelled "Search" on the header of the page. Like most search facilities, enter a word or words you want to search for and click the button. The wild card * performs the usual function of searching for “everything that starts with”. Multiple words are searched as A or B, i.e. it returns pages that have one or more of the words. There is no search only for pages that have both A and B. The search engine gives greater weight to words used in headings or highlighted.

5. How can I unsubscribe from Policy Forum's emailing services?

 To unsubscribe from all or any of Policy Forum's website lists, email the administrator: <> or use the contact form on the website:

6. Who do I call if I need help using the site?

Either call Semkae Kilonzo or Richard Angelo on +255 22 2772611

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