District Level Public Expenditure Tracking

District level Public Expenditure Tracking

Presented on 17 August, 2006 at the NGO Forum by the FCS

Public Expenditure Tracking (PET) is ‘following the money’ from where it is disbursed by central government authorities, through local government, to end users such as in schools and clinics. Expenditure Tracking promotes greater transparency and accountability, and will therefore improve public service delivery.

It is good to realize that the government is motivated to improve governance, including transparency and accountability. This is clearly described in MKUKUTA, but also more specifically in the plans of the Prime Ministers Office - Regional and Local Governments, in which it seeks to promote public expenditure tracking in districts by CSO’s.

What can you do?
Every citizen has the right to know how District and Village governments spend the people’s money. As NGOs and NGO networks we are in an excellent position to obtain such information, to analyse it and to pass it on to the citizens you serve in an understandable manner. Moreover, we can let our local government know what people think about the way their money is spent.

Here are several ways to get started:

  • Join the Local Governance Working Group of the Policy Forum. Meets every lastThursday of each month at the Policy Forum office from 10.00 – 13.00. Contact: info@policyforum.or.tz
  • Request the PETS Training Manual, developed by HakiKazi, TGNP, REPOA and the Policy Forum. Contact: info@policyforum.or.tz
  • Contact TGNP, HakiKazi or REPOA to follow one of their Public Expenditure Tracking training programmes
  • Share your experiences with the Policy Forum or the REPOA Tanzania Governance Noticeboard (www.repoa.or.tz/tgn)

Read more on District Level PETS by clicking on this link!

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