Budget Working Group MEETING 3 JULY 2008

Venue: Policy Forum Secretariat.


  1. Gertrude Mugizi – Policy Forum
  2. Samuel Saiguran – HakiElimu
  3. Vera Mshana – Policy Forum
  4. Lina Magoma – Policy Forum
  5. Albanie Marcossy - Policy Forum
  6. Fransisca Matay- TAWIF
  7. Edward Furaha – YAV
  8. Evans Rubara – NCA Tanzania


  1. Collaboration with LGWG;
  2. Collaboration with Parliament;
  3. Strategic Plan for the next financial year;
  4. AOB.



Minutes for the last meeting held on June 12, 2008 were read and approved.

feedback on the Citizen’s Guide:

It was reported that the Citizen’s Guide which was supposed to be out by now is not ready and that PF failed to launch the Guide during the CSOs Exhibition in Dodoma due to concerns raised by HakiElimu regarding the comprehension and appropriateness of the cartoons and relevance of the message in the guide.

Resolution:Agreed that the key aspects of the Guide would be pre-tested before further amendment, printing and publication. The pre-testing group selected would be the participants in the upcoming SAM workshop to be held on 7- 8, July, 2008.

The group would be asked to send their completed questionnaires by 16 July, 2008.

HakiElimu has taken the task of printing process while PF has the task of finalizing the Guide.

The final draft and printing of the Guide was scheduled for 30th July, 2008.

Agreed that, the Guide should be formally launched at a Press Conference with the Deputy MOFEA in attendance, as invited Guest of Honour. PF would formally send out the invitation for the launch.

collaboration with lgwg:

Albanie reported that he is expecting to hold training on “the basics of Social Accountability Monitoring in Tanzania” to expose participants to the facts and tasks ahead, this will be conducted at Policy Forum’s board room from 7- 8 July from 08: 30 to 17:00 daily. From this workshop, participants are expected to choose from their number, a partner network to work with Policy forum on social accountability and monitoring.

Resolution:BWG representative- from TAWIF in the SAM training will provide feedback to the group.


The next session in fulfillment of our work plan this year is expected be held sometime between July and September in Dodoma and will be centered on Local Government (oversight and budget implementation).

Resolution:BWG members were asked/ requested by Vera to think on how to organize this, including possible themes for the workshop.


It was advised by Vera that as Tanzania has begun its new financial year we need to think of our focus, and select activities.

Resolution:Agreed that Vera would come up with a draft plan which would be shared with BWG members and discussed at the next BWG meeting.


Election of convener: It was reported by Vera that Ruth who was acting as a convener for the BWG has left and therefore we have to elect a new convener from the BWG membership.

Resolution:Mr. Samuel Saiguran was nominated and he agreed to act as the convener for the BWG.

Vera will advise him of nature of his responsibilities in this role.

Budget Working Group meeting dates: Noted that, BWG does not have regular fixed meeting dates which contribute to a fluctuating attendance by members.

Resolution:Agreed that meetings will be convened once a month every second Friday at 2pm at PF. Further that emails will be circulated two weeks prior and if no agenda items are raised, then the meeting will be postponed.

Issuance of certificates: It was suggested by one of the BWG members that issuance of certificates to active BWG participants will encourage some members to join/ attend effectively and continuously.

SAM workshop 7- 8 July 2008:TAWIF was selected to represent the BWG at the upcoming workshop on SAM- Social Accountability Monitoring training to be held at PF from July 7- 8, 2008.

Taxation Justice and Development (TJN-A):During the last BWG meeting it was reported that the Southern Africa Regional Tax Justice Network for Africa, would like to hold a regional meeting and invite PF to host this meeting. It was agreed at the last BWG meeting that it will be better if Fransisca of TAWIF who attended the TJN-A workshop in Zambia to coordinate this. However as Francisca did not attend the last meeting, at this meeting Francisca shed more light on TJN-A’s objectives.

In this meeting, Francisca responded as follows: TAWIF have no financial capacity to host the aforesaid meeting though they are ready to coordinate it. Hence they would request PF to financially support them.

Resolution:As PF is not yet competent to carry out a rights-based  analysis of the existing tax framework in the country, it is still premature for it to host a regional meeting as intended by TJN-A. It was agreed that PF should build its capacity first and then consider more seriously hosting the workshop in the years ahead.                               



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