Budget Briefs

A simplified version of the government budget for the financial year 2020/2021

2020/2021 Analysis of the Agriculture Budget: A Call for Improved Financing of the Sector

Resources and Spending Highlights in the Education Sector for the Financial Year 2019/2020

Highlights of the 2020/21 Health Budget

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector The ‘WASH’ Financing Analysis for FY 2019/20

Youth post-budget views human resources potentials key in achieving development plans

Leave No One Behind: Youth and Sustainable Development Goals

Stimulating Quality of Education Towards Industrialization

NPA- VAWC Budget Analysis Brief

Health Sector: Budget Allocation & Execution Must Be In Line with Strategic Plan Costing

The State of Youth Empowerment and Financial Inclusion in Tanzania 

Leave No One Behind in the Water , Sanitation and Hygeine (WASH) Sector

Summary Findings of 2017 Open Budget Survey (Tanzania)

The 2018/19 Water Sector Budget : Should Women and Girls Expect Any Relief?

The 2018/19 Budget :  Preparing the Youth for An Industrialized Middle - Income Economy

Analysis of the 2018/19 Education Budget

Analysis of the 2017/18 Water Sector Development Budget: What Counts?

Analysis of the Extractive Industries Sector Budget with Responsive and Gender Lens

Analysis of the 2017/18 Budget on the Education Sector with a Responsive and Gender Lens

Analysis of 2017/18 National Budget on Industry, Trade and Investment with a Responsive and Gender Lens

Revenues from the Agricultural Sector: How much is Tanzania losing from the Sector?

2016/17 Budget Analysis: Is the Agriculture Sector a Priority for the Country Economic Growth and Reduction of Poverty?

Inadequate Budget Allocation for the Health Sector

Education Budget For 2016/2017: Has it Really Increased?

The Government Needs To Increase The Budget Allocation for Essential Medicines, Medical Supplies and Equipment to Prevent Stock Outs

Is General Budget Support Too Good to Make us Reluctant?

The Paradox of Financing Education in Tanzania “The 2014/15 Post Budget Brief”

Perspective on the MoHSW’s:Budget Proposal for 2013/14

Tanzania and the problem of Tax Exemptions

Challenges of Education Sector Budget:A missed Opportunity to Transform Education Sector

Tanzania Water Sector Budget Analysis for Phase 1 of the Water Sector Develpoment Programme

Strengthening Parliament’s Budgetary Oversight Function:The case for a Budget Office

Do Kilimo Kwanza Exemptions Benefit Poor Farmers?:An analysis of Tanzania’s Budget 2010/2011

Are we investing enough on Education?:Education Development Budget 2010/2011

Unnecessary Expenditures: A brief on the Government's initiatives to refocus expenditures  

How much revenue are we losing?

Is it the People’s Budget? Tanzania’s Ranking in the Open Budget Survey 2008

Show me the Money

Budget Briefs 2007/08

Audit Report Leaflets

Investing in Agriculture: Are we committed to the Maputo Declaration?:An analysis of Tanzania’s Agriculture Budget 2012/2013

Revenue Losses Owing to tax Incentives in the mining sector:Policy recommendations

General Budget Support: Are donors abandoning Tanzania?

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