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Accumulation by land dispossession and labour devaluation in Tanzania. 2011.
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Citizen. Coordinator speaks about transparency in the mining sector. 2011.
REPOA. Creating Space for Child Participation in Local Governance in Tanzania: Save the Children and Children's Councils. 2011.
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Economic report on Africa 2011. 2011 .
for and Union ECAA. Economic Report on Africa 2011. 2011 .
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How Can Agriculture and Trade Lead to Livelihoods, Food Security and Development?. 2011.
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launching of the Tanzania Governance Review at the Policy Forum's Breakfast Debate. 2011.
Mapendekezo ya Wadau ya Muswada wa Sheria ya Haki ya Kupata Habari. 2011.
Mapendekezo ya Wadau ya Muswada wa Sheria ya Huduma za Vyombo vya Habari. 2011.
Maswali na majibu yanayohusu mfumo wa milki na usimamizi wa ardhi nchini Tanzania. 2011.
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The Millenium Development Goals Report, 2011. 2011 .


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