Policy Forum is incorporated as a non-profit company under the Companies Act of 2002.The Policy Forum (PF) is a network of 76 Tanzanian civil society organisations established in 2003 and drawn together by their specific interest in augmenting the voice of ordinary citizens to influence policy processes that help in poverty reduction, equity and democratization with a specific focus on public...



Over the past years, the government of Tanzania has focused itself on raising revenue from a limited number of sources. Taxation on drinks, fuel, cigarettes & tobacco products, Value Added Tax and Pay as You Earn (PAYE) have been the major focus of taxes. The current general consensus amongst the citizens is that these sectors are already overtaxed and government cannot impose any further taxes in these areas without aggravating the already rising costs of living and sinking the population further into poverty.

Constituency Development Fund in Tanzania: the Right Solution?


The Constituency Development Fund (‘CDF’) is an additional means of financing (sourced from domestic revenue) for community-driven development that is managed at the constituency level by Members of Parliament (‘MPs’). As such it supplements, or operates parallel to existing funding mechanisms for local
government. In East Africa, the CDF has been available in Kenya and Uganda since 2003 and 2005, respectively and in August 2008, President Kikwete fully endorsed the introduction of CDF to Tanzania in his address to Parliament.

Budget Speech 2009 by Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Hon. Mustafa Haidi Mkulo


UTANGULIZI: 1. Mheshimiwa Spika, naomba kutoa hoja kwamba Bunge lako Tukufu likubali kujadili na kupitisha makadirio ya mapato na matumizi ya Serikali kwa mwaka wa fedha 2009/2010. Pamoja na hotuba hii, vipo vitabu vinne vinavyoelezea kwa kina takwimu za Bajeti. Kitabu cha Kwanza kinahusu makisio ya mapato na kinajumuisha hatua mpya za kodi ambazo hutangazwa wakati wa kuwasilisha Hotuba ya Bajeti. Kitabu cha Pili na cha Tatu ni vya makisio ya matumizi ya kawaida kwa Wizara, Idara Zinazojitegemea, Mikoa, Halmashauri za Miji na Wilaya.



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