26/01/2009 - 8:00am
30/01/2009 - 8:00am

The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) cordially invites ATE Member Organisations as well as Non-Member Organisations
to nominate suitable personnel to attend the above Public Seminar which will take place at Morogoro Hotel on 26th – 30th January, 2009.

1.Objective of the Seminar

The principal objective of this public seminar is to demonstrate by way of equipping Human resource practitioners, Managers, Supervisors, line managers, superintendents with knowledge and skills for managing workplaces and human resources harmoniously. The seminar will stress the importance of maintaining harmonious labour relations as a pre-requisite for enhancing productivity and profitability of Tanzanian Business Organizations, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in harmony with Trade Union Leaders.

2.Target Group

This Seminar is suitable for:
Human Resources Managers/Officers, General Managers, Personnel and Administration Managers/Officers, Industrial Relations Managers/Officers, Workers Representatives and Superintendents.

3.Training Methodology and Resource Persons

Participative and interactive learning methodology facilitated by power-point presentations will be adopted; which will be supported with suitable use of relevant case studies and role plays or simulation exercises to enable participants to have hands on practical issues at the Workplace. The Association of Tanzania Employers will use experienced resource persons with hands on the operationalization of the New Labour Laws of Tanzania and Code of Good Practice which have come into operation.

4.Topics to be Covered:-
• Implications of the New Labour Laws to Managers;
• Human Resources Management as a Strategic Business Tool;
• The fundamental (Core) Labour Rights;
• Employment standards (contracts, hours of work, remuneration, leave);
• Trade Unions Recognition and Organizational Rights;
• Collective  Bargaining for enhancing output and productivity;
• Lawful Strikes and Lockouts;
• The process of setting Sectoral Minimum Wages;
• Resolution of Labour Disputes (Mediation, Arbitration, Med/Arb, Adjudication);
• Termination of Employment (fair, unfair and retrenchment);
• Code of Good Practice;
• Introduction to Men as partners in the fight of HIV & AIDS in the World of Work.

5.Participation Fees and other Conditions

i) Participants from ATE – member organisations will be charged each participation fees of Tshs. 400,000/= (four hundred thousand only), while participants from non-ATE member organisations will be charged Tshs. 500,000/= (five hundred thousand only).  Participation fees should be paid in advance by Cash or cheque in favour of Association of Tanzania Employers.

ii) Travel and accommodation expenses shall be borne entirely by individual participants who are recommended to make advance bookings as soon as possible.

iii) The Association of Tanzania Employers will provide tea/coffee during morning and afternoon breaks and buffet lunch at lunch break.

iv) Certificate of participation will be issued to each participant on successful completion of the Seminar. 

v) The venue of the seminar will be at Morogoro Hotel

Kindly confirm your participation with the ATE Secretariat by telephone, fax, e-mail or letter as soon as this advertisement appears in the Paper but not later than 23rd January 2009; and please indicate the full names of nominated participants, so as to facilitate preparations of certificates of participation in advance.


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