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The Government Finally Launches the National Education and Training Policy (ETP) of 1995


CSOs and other stakeholders including AMREF have lauded the government for launching the long-awaited National Education and Training Policy (ETP) that had been in the back-burner for almost eight years.

Speaking soon after the launch, Dr. Serafina Mkuwa, a representative of AMREF working on sexual reproductive said that the policy can finally be operationalized as among other things, it now allows re-entry of pregnant girls to school after giving birth.

What is the secret behind the Swiss Billions?


Recently the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a US-based watchdog released a report   with data on monies wired to the HSBC Bank in Switzerland (one of the world’s largest banks) including by people associated or connected to Tanzania. About a hundred people wired $ 114 million (equivalent to 205 billion Tanzanian shillings) for year 2006/07.