Policy Forum is a network of NGOs incorporated as a non-profit company under the Companies Act of 2002. Our growing membership currently includes over 100 non-governmental organizations registered in Tanzania. We are drawn together by our specific interest in influencing policy processes to enhance poverty reduction, equity and democratization.We strive to increase informed civil society...

NRGI supports CSO Extractive Industry Working Group Position on draft National Petroleum Policy of Tanzania


The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) has endorsed the civil society Extractive Industry Working Group’s position on the draft petroleum policy that was published last month.

Women are Feeding Us: Where Are They in the 2014/15 Budget?


Issues of water, agriculture, health and education all have a heavy bearing on women. According to Policy Forum Budget Working Group (BWG) 2014/15 position statement, 98% of rural women are working in the agriculture sector, majority as small scale farmers. These women who are defined as economically active are engaged in agriculture and produce a substantial share of the food crops for both household consumption and for export.

Policy Forum Breakfast Debate on Working with Government to Enhance Accountability:The Business case for ethical conduct


The Private sector in Tanzania has been urged to create incentives to promote ethical conduct in their businesses such as initiating reward schemes. The call was made by Joel Nanauka, a presenter at the debate when he was presenting on “What are the incentives for Tanzanian businesses to conduct their operations in an ethical manner?” during the Policy Forum breakfast debate slated 26th September 2014.